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go neon

July 26, 2011

looks like comic con sent out a memo this year

be as bright as you can be.

freida pinto and ginnifer goodwin made sure they packed a punch at their comic con appearances. and they both did it pretty well…but did they do it as well as they could? i think not.

while both the ladies wore my favorite shades of neon (bright, acid yellow and green), they both left a little lacking in their looks.

freida wears a micheal kors resort 2012 shift dress with black piping detail. love the combo here, neon always works so so well with black.  unfortunately the only thing exciting about this look is the color. i wish she had played it up with her shoes. those strappy black heels are just not working on any level. she needed something funky and fun and not black for this look. they are way too formal.

while freida’s look is simplistic, ginnifer’s is anything but. the experimental starlet wears an insaneeee roksanda ilincic resort 2011 dress. i just cannot get over the fluorescent color of this dress.  love it.  i love the crazy pleated folds on the bodice and the uneven hemline – so funky. that belt just finishes it off perfectly.

freida – what the hell were you thinking? me thinks the hairstylist AND the makeup artist decided to take the day off.  the color is gorgeous, but this shade of  foundation is totally washing her out.   she also needs to put that mane of hers in a ponytail.

ginnifer’s pixie could not be more perfect for this dress.   since the bodice is so heavy, anything else would have looked so bulky.  BUT i do feel that she is a bit overwhelmed in this dress.

what do ya all think? who gets your vote

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