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get the look: meesha shafi

June 10, 2010

after last week’s performance of ‘alif allah’ on the new season of coke studio, meesha shafi has the nation going cuh-razy.  she pulled off a performance in punjabi with arif lohar, that is a feat on its own (in my books at least). she did not let arif lohar and his chimta overshadow her. you go girl.

of course i was paying attention to the clothes. i love that meesha chose this look as she performed the sufi number, it created the perfect image of the cool girl very much in touch with her roots. very clever.

unfortunately, the only images i could conjure up are these fuzzy screenshots

meesha is wearing a cropped, 3/4 sleeve bomber jacket with a red shirt, skinnies and massive amounts of jewelry. love the layering of the multi-chain gold necklaces, oversized rings and stacked bangles. and i know a lot of people commented that they were distracted by her super-red lipstick but i LOVED it. obviously her intention was to draw attention and that is exactly how it played out.

she is completely rockstar chic.

and the look is super easy to emulate. just grab a simple leather jacket, cropped of course (lightweight options are available for summer), a simple scoop-necked red shirt or tank top, a pair of killer ankle boots, some spikes and pile on the bling.

ring: spiked onyx asos $120.00, bangles: house of harlow red aztec, $72.00 – land veron spiked onyx $195.00, necklaces: shabana khan $284.00 – forever 21 $6.00 – chanel vintage $1300.00, shoes: dolce vita cooper $116.00, jacket: harvey nichols $92.00, jeans: acne $250.00, lipstick: mac russian red $12.00, shirt: forever21 $12.00

similar items can be found in local chains such as crossroads, stone age, outfitters and international brands catering to pakistan like next and levis.

side note: everyone remember the coolest version of ‘jugni’ EVER?  whoever thinks arif lohar isn’t the coolest effin nigga out there needs to get the steppin.


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