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it girl pt 2: asmaa mumtaz

November 26, 2011

i’ve already shown you beauties what a fashionista asmaa mumtaz is

with a hip sense of style with dashes of pop-art, asmaa is the girl who will play up the plainest of outfits with a bold, eye-catching accessory. and obvi i love that. but there is so much more to this multi-talented girl, she was fabulous enough to grant me some time and answer a few questions…so here’s an exclusive q&a for my readers… did you begin? 

i was so obsessed with beauty and style even as a child, that at age 3, i fell off my tricycle (tricycle! Who does that?) because i was too busy brushing my hair!  and so the journey began.  after a bfa i went off to the london college of fashion for my makeup and styling courses.

after freelancing and working for several big names in the industry, i found my niche and launched the dresser in oct 2010. my art has always been deconstructive, and I wanted the dresser to have the same kind of feel and energy. it’s tucked away on busy ferozpur road at the back of an old chemical factory- where the abundance of land lets me grow my own organic skincare products!!!  since the launch of the dresser as a hair, makeup and styling studio, we have now gone full on into organic skincare (this is supported by the chemical factory that prepares our concoctions for us) by the end of next year, you should be able to buy our very special aromatherapy products off the shelf in neat little spa kits!  so watch out!!

2. which celeb have you enjoyed styling the most?

out of the many that i cannot name (due to confidentiality agreements) i would have to say maria b. was the most fun to style and style with!  she has insane positive energy, and we have a great working dynamic, which makes all the difference.

hair/makeup/styling someone is actually a very intimate job- you are in their personal space, and responsible not only for how they look but how they feel in what they wear.  trust is most important, so its imperative that the stylist gets to know the client on a personal level before anything else!



3. what one person, living or dead, would you love to work with?

would have loved to work with alexander mcqueen.  the man had vision and creativity like little i’ve seen before. i’m sure i’d get a lifetime of knowledge with just a few minutes with him.

4. fashion inspirations?

demi moore, rihanna, florence welch, lady gaga, leighton meester, anna wintour, sjp

these are just a few, i am inspired by creativity and strength in people.

6. 5 fashion must haves

tailor made jeans by ammar belal, a classic pair of black pants, a well fitting white tee,  one accessory of choice for the season (watch, ring, charm bracelet, etc), black super high heeled pumps

7. 5 beauty must haves

moisturiser- elizabeth arden, intervene, mascara- l’oreal double extention fortifying extending mascara, blush- givency le prism, his highness the GHD the best hair tool in the world! a really bright coloured lipstick  (recommended-mac- so chaud)

8. lastly, what is your take on the fashion scene in pakistan? who are your favorite designers?

 the fashion scene in pakistan is at an all time high!  thanks to true professional platforms such as pfdc fashion week! the designers are forced to constantly re invent themselves, not just for the art of clothing but for the business of it.  it also forces a certain professional work ethic onto young professionals, which is most necessary.  working on collections with the designer as a stylist is one of the best and most creative parts of my job! the madness backstage is super exciting and the biggest rush!

you can check out asmaa’s the dresser here

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