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fashion faux blah

July 18, 2010

when you are a model there are certain duties you must uphold for the sake of the mere mortals of the world. one of those duties is to ensure that you give us something to aspire to – that you always strike the right pose, wear the right outfit.

god forbid you should wear something unsightly. even worse…. wear it twice.

so why WHY would newbie model ayyan do this?

i must confess, when i first saw the lace blazer @ NEXT. i fell in love. i did. i’m a huuuuge fan of lace and i thought a lace blazer (hello! genius much?!)  was a great way to add edge + romance simultaneously to simple outfit.

and then i saw this picture. the love story ends there.

ayyan poses with veteran model natasha at the screening of ‘kites’ at dha cinema on june 22nd wearing the blazer (i’ll get to rest of it later) and with stylist tariq ameen at the launch of design emporium in lahore on may 29th WEARING THE SAME OUTFIT (!!!).

seriously, who does that? i mean, you know there are going to be photogs there, you know your pictures are going to show up in the same social pages as the week before and you choose to wear the exact SAME outfit. and you don’t even give people time to wipe the atrocity from their memories.

ok i’m being too hard.repeating an outfit is obviously not as horrid as i am making it sound. what is horrid, however, is the outfit in question.

but let’s talk about it, shall we? i had so many dreams for the blazer, so much can be done with it. but after seeing this i just want to vomit when i see it.

why would you wear a lace tank top (i think) with a lace blazer? there is just toooo much going on here. if ayyan had chosen to wear a simple white or black tank top with the blazer, or that same top with a plain black blazer, she would be getting a major thumbs up from me. but these two pieces together are just creating havoc. and havoc is something we do not need my pretties.

and she is wearing what looks like a sports bra underneath. if you are going to show that much skin, at least opt for better inner-wear.

let’s move on, to the hair now. i don’t understand it. neck up she looks like she is competing for the miss america pageant. so much teasing finished off with tight curls. she looks like she stole some ringlets from a victorian-era wig and used them as extensions.  it, along with the layers of make-up, is too overdone for a ‘casual’ ‘outfit’

some acceptable ways to wear lace:

ok with that out of the way, let me say i think ayyan is absolutely stunning (don’t base your judgment on these pictures). i first noticed her in the campaign for lakhani mills lawn this summer and thought she was beautiful. she is definitely on her way to becoming one of pakistan’s top models.

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  • meow September 21, 2010 at 5:47 PM

    hahaha hey it’s her out of the bedroom look. :P