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June 4, 2010

if only...

i have rekindled a long lost love.

i always thought david beckham was extremely good-looking (granted he doesnt open his mouth…he has a squeaky voice)

i mean, look at him. he looks like a walking advertisement for d&g suits.

here the gorgeous footballer is headed to the world cup in south africa to cheer on his team.

it would be great if every man in the world looked and dressed like mr. beckham. that would make me a happy camper.

i really cannot handle the hotness. how perfect is he in that suit? how much do i love grey suits? a LOT. and he has stubble. how much do i love stubble? A LOT. and the murse (man-purse?)….icing on the cake.

he is the perfect metrosexual, doesn’t go overboard into the ‘omfg his skin looks better than mine’ territory.


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