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July 28, 2011

well helllooooo there.

seriously, just put a man in a good suit and get on with life.

ryan gosling has been stepping up his game. he is no longer the lanky kid from the disney club. no he is not.

ryan looks FABULOUS (yes i screamed it) at the premiere of crazy stupid love and a letterman appearance.

gosling looks good in gucci.

that my friends, was alliteration.

anyways…i love that he didn’t stick to black or gray. black is so boring and gray has been done to death (i still love it though). the shiny checkered suit is not something any man can pull off, but when done right it looks insanely stylish. the fit is gorgeous and he looks like a million bucks.

and the brown? yum.  i seriously think that is the best i have seen him look. esp with the disheveled hair. actually i think it is because of the disheveled hair. so so cool.

note to all man: invest in a good brown suit and do not brush your hair.

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