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October 13, 2010

a few days ago i came across this picture of kim kardashian dashing around nyc (get it? dashing? i’m so clever) wearing a ridic pair of shoes. i swear these things looked like mcqueen’s armadillo’s on crack.

ok seriously, who walks around nyc running errands wearing shoes like that?

anywho, after putting my detective skills to work googling i learned that she was actually wearing iris van herpen for united nude shoes

solange was seen wearing the same shoes in ivory at nyfw earlier this year

according to the website, construction of a pair of these insane boots is so complicated that only 240 pairs are being made. they come in black and ivory with gold leather detailing and are designed in such a way that they look as if they are in constant movement.

the concept is interesting, but i don’t think these are everyday shoes. come onnnn. i thought the same thing about mcqueen’s shoes. they are amazing in editorials and the occasional lady gaga video, but anywhere else they just look insane. i guess i am not a lover of such insane HIGH fashion.

aside: how awesome is that chick walking behind kim.

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