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ditto: kim and kanye

July 17, 2012

kim kardashian is known for her meticulously groomed appearance. her trademarks include long hair extensions, layer upon layer  of makeup, curve-hugging outfits and lotsa leopard.

this is how we are used to seeing kim kardashian.

so rumor has it that her new beau and fashion lover, kanye west, has been tutoring kim in the ways of high fashion. there are even whisperings that he is encouraging her to change up her wardrobe and try more mature, experimental looks. if recent appearances of the couple are anything to go by, i would say the rumors are true.

i think kanye is working on making kim the female version of himself.  i mean, they actually wear matching outfits. kim’s style has definitely evolved in the past few months. she has gotten rid of the extensions, opting for either a slicked back look or a casual ponytail. the makeup has been toned down and the outfits are predominantly monochromatic.

kim is now experimenting with new silhouettes and has swapped her atrocious louboutin daffodils for a sleeker pigalle pump. she’s even started repeating items of clothing. oh, and one or two elements of the kim and kanye’s outfits are always the same.

have a look-see at the gallery below to see the couple’s matchy-matchy style. opinions?

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