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ditto: current elliot jeans

June 30, 2012

cheryl cole and jessica alba recently stepped out wearing the current elliot leopard jeans (which i obsessed over on pinterest a while ago).

cheryl wore the jeans at a personal appearance in london last month. she paired her leopard print jeans with pastel stripes down the sides with a tri-colored shirt and black blazer. i really don’t understand the point of putting these jeans together with a yellow, gray and black shirt – it’s is not a good mix of colors. hot pink wedges complete her look.

jessica alba wore the jeans out and about in los angeles. she wears her jeans with a bubblegum pink shirt, black blazer and coral bag. needless to say, her look works a lot better.

i do think she and cheryl need a shoe swap though. cheryl’s pink wedges will work better with jessica’s look and jess’ gray pumps would add coherency to cheryl’s.

on a side note – any jeans that make cheryl cole look hippy will probably not work for the rest of mankind.

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