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deja vu?

May 30, 2010

how late am I with this entry??? apologies.

SJP’s look for the London premiere of satc 2 was QUITE reminiscent of her look from the London premiere of satc the first. she is even wearing the same designers: alexander mcqueen and philip treacy.

what’s up with that yo? i expect sjp to outdo herself every single freakin’ time. she has let me down by showing up in this upgrade (downgrade?) of the 2008 outfit.

crazyhatlady much?

ohhh calm down. that caption is in jest. but do we see the similarities in both the outfits? i understand that sjp might have wanted to pay homage to mcqueen by wearing this dress but the structure of the bodice is TOO similar to the green dress, minus the double-toned embellished boob area. the similarity might have to do with the fact that both dresses are from spring 2008 collection.

it is saddening to admit that i am not too fond of  the black dress or the crazy ass fascinator. it looks like a sparkly hairball, or black cobwebs. i actually think i kind of hate it. the first time sjp did this look i thought it was funky and interesting, i loved the lime green color and everything about the look overall. but to repeat the same thing, in a different color is just a snore.

as for the cuckie hats, i love em. no one but sjp can carry those off. remember the bird she wore in the wedding sequence with Big (does anyone notice my difficulty when it comes to differentiating between sjp and carrie?)

ok it wasn’t actually a bird, it was a vintage turquoise feather but whatev, it was fabulous in so many ways. non?

in other news, check out kristen davis’ mane at the premiere.


i want to cut off those shiny brown tresses and make a wig out of them.

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