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citrus punch.

February 14, 2011

i know you all wish you were this pretty.


i seem to be having a dia mirza moment. i never noticed this girl before but i have realized that she always ALWAYS looks delectable. i guess with a face like that it is hard not to.  at the launch of her first co-production ‘love, breakups, zindagi’ (kya title hai yaar) dia mirza wears this bright orange karen millen dress.

that shade of orange is absolutely delish. and it looks divine against dia’s skin. orange was one of the biggest color trends of the last season and it is obviously going strong.  color aside, the fit and shape of this dress is perrrrfection.

she keeps the accessories simple and the hair fantabulous – those farah fawcett waves are workin’ wonders for her. she should quit her day job as an actress and become a stylist. she could be the indian rachel zoe. i am convulsing with excitement just thinking about it.

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