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July 28, 2010

by now the world knows that indian designers love to use bollywood (and cricket) stars to close or open their shows. these celebs are dubbed ‘showstoppers’, however, there is usually nothing showstoppin’ about them. it’s an interesting thing really, that most of the time these showstoppers are dressed in the most garish, non-flattering, ridiculous outfits of the whole collection.

the most recent fashion weeks were no different. there were sprinklings of celebs on the runway at delhi’s couture week and the following bangalore fashion week.  i’ve already posted about the cast of ‘aisha’ walking for anamika khanna and kangana ranaut working it for jj valya, here are some others who showed their pretty little faces on the runway.

::jacqueline @ rakesh agarwal in delhi::

there is no doubting that jaq is a lovely looking girl, it’s hard to make her look bad. i won’t go as far as saying that this outfit is horrendous, but it is nothing to write home about. the colors are pretty and the embellishment on the lehnga is kind of perfect for the traditional bride BUT the blouse looks soooo ridiculously cheap. am i the only one who thinks so? i wish i had a close up so i could see exactly what material it was made of, but from this distance it looks like cheap synthetic silk/lame with giant plastic stones on it. ew. and what is that red net thing handing off her hand? and that waist-belt thing? afterthoughts?

::brett lee and shweta nanda @ abu jani- sandeep khosla in delhi::

what is up with this guy? i mean, he’s an australian cricketer yet i always see him in india doing all sorts of crazy things – things cricketers wouldn’t do. i.e singing with asha bhosle. what the hell WAS that? and now he’s in a couture show. i love this. he entertains me. here he is in a brocade ivory sherwani surrounded by writhing naked men on the floor. nice.

but he is working the sherwani, it’s much better than what his fellow showstopper had to wear.

are these designers on something? were they trying to interpret some garden like aesthetic ala dior into their clothes? well they have failed terribly. the clothes should still be pleasing to look at. this looks like a kindergartner’s art project. shweta is the bachchan daughter btw. can’t you just see the genetic haughtiness oozing out?

::lara @ rina dhaka in bangalore::

i think the sole purpose of making lara wear this outfit was to make the rest of us feel bad for not looking like that. i looked at this and slowly put my cookie down. the woman is smoking hot, that’s why i thought i would add multiple pictures, from all angles. so all of you realize exactly how hot she is…but why is there an antennae coming out of her shoulder?

:: mandira bedi @ swapnil shinde in bangalore::

ok i know for a fact that there were better dresses than this in swapnil’s collection. i saw them. why he chose mandira to wear this cheap white gown with cut-outs is beyond me. but hey, she looks happy to be wearing it.  such a chirpy one this mandira is, non?

:: sophie chaudhary @ archana kocchar::

sophie is wearing a heavily embellished sari in muted shades by archana kocchar. i guess i really don’t have any complaints. it is a beautiful sari and sophie looks quite nice.  the tikka is a nice touch.  i do wish the pallu was draped a bit more traditionally, it is quite unnecessary to be baring your bellybutton like that when wearing a sari. especially such a traditional sari. but hey baby, its bollywood – gotta show some skin.

:: neha dupia @ jj valya in bangalore ::

everytime i see neha i think of that movie she was in ‘julie’. ridic. at the jj valya show, she wears a long banaras gown with a lehnga. it’s a nice concept, just poorly executed. judging from the full-length picture, this outfit is not very flattering, it makes her look fat. however, i am lovinggg the jewels. they are from giantii, the same which were used in valya’s show in delhi.

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