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cameron diaz: ‘bad teacher’ promo tour

June 22, 2011

you know, there was a time when cameron diaz was a fashion powerhouse. everybody wished they could emulate her laidback yet uberchic style. while she still has that casualness about her, her spark has gone. and that my friends, makes me very very sad.

i’ve already blogged about one of cam’s looks from the promotional tour of her latest film, ‘bad teacher‘, but as i was sifting through images from the rest of the tour – nothing really wowed me.

again. sadness.

let us take a look. [rmbr to click on any picture to see it in high-res.]


so she looks pretty good, but there isn’t anything spectular – aside from the photocall look in moscow there is nothing that excites me. well, except for that striped sequined dress but that’s a given.

here are the 3 best looks, in my ever so humble opinion.

:: photocall in berlin::

i love this look for 3 reasons:

1) it’s not black

2) her hair is tied

3) she isn’t wearing those god forsaken black pumps.

i love this pale turquoise akris dress on cameron. it is the perfect choice for summer. she looks completely effortless with the rolled up sleeves and the loosely tied her. i especially love the tan phillip lim cutout belt with this dress, it just takes it to another level of stylish.  finishing off the look with matching sergio rossi heels was a brill idea. this is exactly what a daytime, summer look should be.

:: premiere in moscow::


glad she opted for something glam. what i love about this look is that it is both sexy and laidback – and that is due to the fit of the dress. it isn’t clinging to her, instead it falls over her in a very bohemian/hippie way.  the tiger striped dress is from emilio pucci’s fab pre-fall 2011 collection. a bit of a smokier eye would have been fabulous with this look…and also a bit more effort on the hair. blowdry anyone?

:: premiere nyc::

the only reason this dress works is because of those legs and that bubbly personality.  just like the previous look, cameron can strike a balance between sexy and casual like no other. on anyone this chanel dress might have seemed too much, too tacky, too short – but i think on her it just looks great.  the hair and make-up is a bit disappointing again…but like i said, cameron has definitely lost her fashion powerhouse status – can’t expect everything to be perfect.

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