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bride wars

July 6, 2011

this has been the year of big weddings. while everything pales in comparison to the hoopla surrounding will and kate’s wedding, this weekend gave us the opportunity to ogle at other people getting married.

the past weekend, fashion royalty (kate moss) and real royalty (prince albert) had huge weddings. but which one fared better? the bohemian vibe of kate’s wedding or the ostentatious bling of albert/charlene’s?

you decide.

:: the supa’model::

this entire look is the epitome of kate moss: laid back, chic, sleek.  this beautiful dress was designed by john galliano. and can i just say that i’m glad kate stuck to him despite the controversy surrounding him. and i’m sure the world agrees. this look is just great on her BUT i do think she looks a tad out of shape. something more structured would have looked killer on her frame, but she might have looked like she was trying to hard. a lot of but’s here.

i also think she should have relied on some undergarments. juss sayin.

i absolutely love the sheer skirt with gold rhinestone embellishment, it has a very vintage feel to it.

hey look! jamie cleaned up too. does he not look dapper?

the hair and make-up is undone, but again – it is true to the kate moss style.  but honestly, they are just the picture of happiness. i love sappiness like this. keep it coming kids.


:: charlene wittstock::

i have never seen a sadder looking bride. just looking at these wedding pictures depresses me.

charlene wittstock wedded prince albert of monaco in a huge wedding which spanned 3 days. the new princess of monaco is the picture of poise on her wedding day wearing an off-shoulder armani prive gown. the duchess silk gown is embellished with pearls and swarovski crystals. while it isn’t ground-breaking or headline making, it is fitting for the occasion.  the structure of the gown is perfect for her athletic frame, anything else might have made her look too broad.

she really does have a classic, grace kelly-esque beauty about her. her hair is styled into a chic chignon and i am beyond obsessed with that insanely beautiful diamond hairpiece. it is stunning.

so, two brides – two completely different styles. which one do you prefer?

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