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brad @ salt premiere

July 22, 2010

he just looks so yummy i couldn’t leave him out

brad pitt was at his lady’s side at the premiere of her new film wearing a classic three-piece charcoal gray tom ford suit and raybans. tom ford suits always alwaysss look good, and no one looks better in one than tom ford himself. with that said, brad’s suit could have had a better fit. but who cares? i’m just happy the fug goatee is gone.

i swear, he is the only man who can pull off unbuttoned shirt, gold medallion and visible chest hair without giving off a greasy sleaze-ball vibe.

and just for kicks….


this picture cracks me up for so many reasons.

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  • Sadaf Arshad July 22, 2010 at 2:17 PM

    Yes, he is so damn yummy. I lurvee him. What a man, and it would have been a great favour, if you just took Angi out of the last picture…