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bling: emeralds for elephants

October 2, 2011

a few months ago bollywood goddess madhuri dixit launched the emeralds for elephants line in india. this month, she appears in the print campaign for the line looking quite lovely while modelling some delish baubles.

inspired by a similar movement in london, the emeralds for elephants campaign commissioned ten of the top jewelry designers from every corner of india to create one-of-a-kind pieces from flawless zambian emeralds (ethically produced of course) and diamonds. the objective of the campaign is to create awareness about the conservation of asian elephants. really, what better way is there to grab someone’s attention? some serious bling is all you need.

have a look-see at my fave pieces:

the ganesh statue is the headline piece of the collection. the pristine white statue by artist arzan khambatta features a 638 carat emerald. in.sane.

this ring from narayan jewelers is absolutely breathtaking. it is perhaps one of the most beautiful rings i have ever seen.  how absolutely perrrrfect is that emerald sitting atop? i am dying just looking at it.

this brooch by nirav modi is to die for – a diamond elephant face with layered chains and pink topaz for the eyes. three brilliant teardop shaped emeralds are mounted on the head for a high impact look.

this gorgeous necklace by khanna jewelers in new delhi is so adorable. those little marching elephants just make me want to squeal.

so so SO unique. i have never seen a paisley shaped necklace, i never thought i would see a paisley shaped necklace which looks so beautiful. this set, by savansukha jewelers in kolkata is is the perfect piece for you if you are looking to make a statement. can you guys imagine a bride rocking this set? that is something i would never forget.

the pieces are scheduled to be auctioned by sotheby’s on october 14th, the collection is currently touring india.



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  • Maria Umar October 6, 2011 at 5:37 PM

    I LOVE IT … and she is as gorgeous as ever.

  • Susan Haney February 22, 2015 at 9:38 PM

    Want to find beautiful elephant jewelry