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April 20, 2011

jaimie alexander is a newbie i suppose. i suppose mostly for the fact that i have never heard of her. but at the world premiere of her epic movie thor in sydney, she made me stand up and take notice.

jaimie wore an uber interesting dress by little-known italian designer mirco giovannini. the ivory dress has a beautiful knitted structure and the most insane bejeweled neckline.  it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but i love that she opted for something so unique – and hence memorable. the girl was out to make a statement and she made it.

the neckline is embellished with clear and red swarovski crystals, made to look like a gigantor necklace. i like that tied her hair back, letting all the attention fall on the detail of the dress.  the make-up is clean and simple, with flawless skin and kohl-rimmed, fake-eyelashed eyes.

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