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beautify: luscious lipgloss

March 17, 2012

if you’re a makeup lover, like moi, then you are always on the look-out for fabulous new products.  so on one of my makeup hauls i picked up a couple of luscious cosmetics lipglosses.

the brainchild of meherbano sethi, luscious has been around for a few years but has gained popularity relatively quickly. the line is locally produced but of superior quality, and affordable. so obvi we love it, right?

i picked up the luscious ultra-shine lip gloss in crush and popsicle. i’m not a big lipgloss person, because i hate when my hair starts to stick to my lips (ick!), but i love the glam look glossy lips automatically give you. oh the dilemma. seriously, story of my life. sooo i’m trying to ease into lipgloss wearing, so i went with two colors which i thought i could do with everyday.


popsicle is an peachy-orange shade which is perfection for our subcontinental skintones. the gloss is thick and longlasting, with a bit of shimmer. it looks great when applied on top of a similar shade of lipstick (a nude-peach color) , which is how i prefer to wear it. and with orange being THE color of 2012, you should get your hands on this right away.



crush is perfect for girls who obsess over pink lips. the color isn’t as deep as it looks in this picture, it is actually more of a bright pink which isn’t too overwhelming. since i don’t like bright lips everyday, i add a bit of this onto nude lips for some oomph.

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