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beautify: glitter n gold

August 23, 2012


for the last 3 years my nails have been predominantly red or a bright pink, when i was a teenager i used to experiment with all sorts of colors – purple, green, turquoise etc etc. i’m slowly getting back into the groove of experimenting with my nails. i started with a gold glitter mani on eid. i only blinged out my ring finger, i wanted to keep things a bit toned down considering i had attend a dinner at the husband’s boss’ house. i thought this was a good, subtle way to add some character to my nails.  i used luscious nailpolish. i only splurge on staple make-up items. opi is my go-to brand for reds, pinks and nudes. for more fleeting fads i’ll buy whatever brand, as long as the shade is what i am looking for.


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