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be still my broken heart

January 12, 2011


it is true. imran khan has married.

my heart has shattered into a trillion little pieces.

do the rest of you find it disturbing that i am a 26 year old grown woman yet i still have fanatic, teeny-bopper crushes? i find it a bit disconcerting.

imran khan wed his long-time girlfriend avantika lucky-bitch malik this past weekend in mumbai. at their wedding reception, held at mamoo aamir khan’s house, the couple decked out in their bridal finery for the world to see.

ok enough jest. avantika looks absolutely lovely in a white lehnga by bollywood fave manish malhotra.  the lehnga has all the trademark manish malhotra details: blingy gold and contrasting velvet.  the white is a great color for her and the hot pink trim gives it the right amount of richness. an indian bride needs some color, the velvet borders add just enough.  i love that everything about this look is just enough – there is no overdoing it.

avantika chose a silhouette that is perfect for her body. the flared, hoop-skirt inspired lehnga showed up at manish malhotra and tarun tahiliani’s recent collections so it’s no surprise that we are seeing it at a high-profile wedding.

the most stunning aspect of this look has got to be that insane necklace. it is just gorgeous. and it is perfect. she doesn’t add matching earrings or anything else actually – she let’s one piece make the statement. very very smart. her hair, make-up, mehndi is simple and fuss-free. she really is giving off this completely comfortable, non-diva vibe. ahhh to be in love and marrying imran khan. what happiness.

why am i going on and on and on??? WHY?

awww look at imran, how cute is he with those little strands of untamed hair. adorb.

imran skips the sherwani and wears a band-collar suit designed by karan johar (wtf?) and varun bahl. i like his simplistic approach however those weirdly places patches of velvet are kinda freaking me out.

at the end of the day, i must bid adieu to my love for imran khan and be happy that these two have fared so much better than other desi couples on their weddings (see here! and here!)

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  • Bee January 12, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    i was wondering when you will do a post on this story. i don’t like the white though. there’s something off about the shade. and i wish she had tied her hair.
    but they both look so adorable!

    • pink255 January 12, 2011 at 4:23 PM

      i like the white, there’s a shimmery gold underlay which is probably throwing you off. it gives a nice effect to the whole thing.
      and aren’t they the cutest? i hate them.

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