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August 12, 2010

years ago, stylist rachel zoe changed the face of fashion.  armed with her eclectic style and an armada of young starlets to dress, rachel popularized the boho-chic, vintage-glam look which is still going so strong today. she turned messy celebrities (i.e. nicole ritchie) into modern fashion icons and spewed out hit after hit on red carpets. there have been few people so steadily influential in fashion today, but things haven’t been all peachy keen, rachel came under intense criticism for also popularizing anorexic chic  after her most famous clients dropped to dangerous looking size zeros (much like rachel herself)

rachel has come a long way from just being a stylist. with a hit tv show documenting her fabulous life, a clientele full of a-list celebs and her own design ventures, rachel has made herself into an empire.

another accolade to add to the list is her appearance  in an editorial for harper’s bazaar’s us edition this month. the shoot takes inspiration from rachel’s trademark phrase (‘i die’) and turns it into stunning pictures featuring her favorite designers in a classic film noir setting.

i don’t think rachel is the most attractive woman in the world, but she is tres interesting. i absolutely love the first shot of her in the white dress…she looks perfect. it is such a refreshing change from the messy hair and the baggy kaftans. and the vera wang dress? love.

francisco costa

marc jacobs

vera wang

brian atwood

michael kors

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