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ash @ cannes 2011: day one.

May 12, 2011

just this time last year, i started this blog with a plethora of cannes appreciation (and bashing). one year later, and i am more excited than ever. especially since my fave bollywood fashionista sonam kapoor will be making some appearances.

but for now, let’s dissect the look of the other bollywood star who has been dominating the red carpet at cannes for years now…aishwarya rai.

ash opened the show in a stone colored spring 2011 elie saab gown. so what do we feel about this look peoples? i am a fan of light, neutral colors so i might be a little biased. i am also a fan of interesting textures,  so i love the detailing on the gown BUT something is just off.

the color and the fit.

the color does not do justice to ash. it just looks unbelievably bad on her. i think if it was more in the gray region, the dress would have looked phenomenal on her. or maybe not, considering it is such a bad bad fit.

seriously i don’t think this dress flatters her at any angle. it has been years and years and ash still does not understand what looks good on her body. she needs to stick to fluid shapes like the fuschia gucci she wore to cannes last year, this kind of structure is horrible for someone who does not have defined curves or 0% body fat. the peplum on the hips ain’t helpin anybody either.

the make-up looks pretty good, i love the shimmery eye but i question if a dress of this color required so much bronzer. a pale, matte face would have worked better. as for the hair, i am glad to see she has gotten over this monstrosity from the year before and settled for chic, slightly undone french twist

she pairs her dress with a jimmy choo clutch and chopard bling. i must say i am obsessed with that ring.

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  • Asmah May 12, 2011 at 8:34 PM

    She’s aging under every click of the camera and looks tired, over done and stale. That derriere would look at home in a gharara not that dress! Poor thing, Cannes is sad for her every year!!!

  • Sarwat May 13, 2011 at 11:28 AM

    Sorry to say but she just look terrible. Her dress is awful. You are right bout something is really off there, definitely something is missing.

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