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as simple as black and white.

December 26, 2010

angelina jolie adhered to a simple formula for her promotional tour of ‘the tourist’: black, white, some velvet and some angora. basic right? she managed to catch my attention by wearing interesting shapes, interesting textures and in one instant – embellishment (so non-jolie oui?)

at the new york premiere of her movie, angelina wore a fuzzy white angora atelier versace which was custom made for her. ah the perks of stardom. the dress is simple, but the texture renders it memorable. i love the plunging cross over neckline and the thigh high slit – perfect elements of sexiness for miss jolie. neck up she looks absolutely radiant. the slightly messy half-up hairstyle works like a dream on her. so do those beautiful earrings. this was my favorite look from the promo tour.

if there is one new thing we have learnt about miss jolie during these appearances is that the woman loves her velvet. take a closer look.

let’s start from the left. at the berlin premiere angelina wore a custom made velvet versace dress, designed especially for her by donatella. the black velvet dress has built in gloves and a cinched waist, giving the rail thin jolie some much needed shape in that area. this dress is very very dramatic and seems like a  throwback to angie’s super goth days (remember? when she would suck face with her brother) but something is missing. the drama of the dress is lost. she makes is look run of the mill, it needed something , anything – red lips, some bling, a pop of color, a different hairstyle. i just feel a bit bored with this.

i have absolutely no idea what is going on with the dress at the madrid premiere. it is just screaming out HOT MESS. the unfortunate velvet skirt and shawl belong at an amish wedding. if the entire dress was like that stunning swarovski bodice, angelina would have hit it out of the ballpark. instead she went with that skirt. this outfit is so bipolar.

at the rome premiere angelina wore a salvatore ferragamo ensemble consisting of a velvet blazer which was tied at the waist and satin trousers. i do like that she shook things up by wearing trousers but the rolled up sleeves on that blazer are just ridic. this is a movie premiere, not dinner with your friends. the look could have been a lot of more polished if she opted to unroll those god damn sleeves. i do like her makeup but again, some bling or a pop of color could have worked wonders.

i know angelina likes to stick to sleek, clean, predominantly black looks. but this time around she gave us no jaw-dropping moment like she did with the ‘salt‘ tour. the white angora dress is almost there, but with the amount of white looks we have seen this month, this will just fade into the background.

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