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angie @ cannes 2011: day six

May 18, 2011

well that's a movie star shot if i've ever seen one

i don’t know why, but i just cannot get excited about this dress.

i mean, props to angie for trying something new. we have seen her in fitted dresses over and over and over again. so it’s nice to see her in something poofy and prom-like and whatever. but come on, brown? really? BROWN? what the effin hell. i don’t even wear brown to sleep.

die-hard versace atelier fan angie once again proved her loyalty to the brand by wearing this voluminous dress with gathering detail at the hip and a thigh-high split. now with a face that beautiful, she can redeem any look. but can you imagine how much of an impact this dress would have made if it was any other color? we all know how utterly amazing angie looks when she does color – and cannes is usually the time when she breaks out the bigs guns. case in point:

to me, this dress is better suited for the oscars – it is dramatic enough but also not too out there.  she should have worn something bigger, something bolder, something brighter.

the face is immaculate, as always. and the hair is limp and lifeless, as always. i wish she would do something different with it, she used to put in a lot more effort in the past.

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