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airport style: sonam kapoor

April 14, 2012

ok i swear i am not biased, the girl just always looks so good. she has a knack of putting together the right looks (not to mention a pretty kick ass stylist)

sonam does an interesting mix of classic chic + geeky + glam at the mumbai airport earlier this week. i love every piece in this look and i absolutely die when all of them are put together…and the cherry on top? that each piece looks like it was thrown together so nonchalantly.

sonam wears a white chloe dress cinched with a black belt. she adds some drama with leopard print loubies and a taupe paco rabbane bag. how chic. but what i really love about this whole look are those stunning vintage givenchy earrings.

so. chic.

i mean seriously, this is such a step up from velour tracksuits and fugly jeans. women of the world must understand that it is not entirely necessary to wear your worst when traveling. comfortable CAN be fashionable.

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