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a tale of two suits…

May 24, 2011

…and my oh my what an interesting tale it is

starlets jessica biel and camilla belle stepped out at events this week in two very different looks. the suit trend has been hot on the red carpet for weeks now, with many hot celebs putting a spin on the popular menswear look to their liking – as evident from the pictures above, it is a hard look to pull off well.

before we dissect the looks – can i just say…it is summer, put a freakin dress on. stop with the suits, you have all of autumn and winter to wear them. i swear sometimes i question the intelligence of these women.

moving along.

:: jessica ::

jessica wears a gucci pre-fall 2011 teal velvet suit with a matching jacquard shirt to the launch of her new revlon commercial at a walgreen’s in nyc (random). nothing about this look is working for me.  this is worse than a velvet sherwani. i feel the look still could have been redeemed if everything wasn’t so freakin teal. i mean, BREAK IT UP SISTA. where is her stylist? she obviously needs one. a contrasting shirt or even contrasting pumps could have lightened up this entire look – or maybe just some life in her eyes. she looks dull and boring, and that is bringing down her whole aura.

also, does this look remind anyone else of a certain mister austin powers?

i wonder if she looks so sad because justin is no longer in her life. remember how britney went schidzo after their break-up? how difficult would it have been for her to get a blowdry or pull her hair back into a ponytail? or how about a dab of foundation? the ‘i want to die or sleep’ look isn’t really workin for her.

:: camilla ::

at the young hollywood awards held in l.a camilla wore a custom made tom ford tux with patent sergio rossi pumps. i am a bit confused about this look. i like the suit and it fits well, but it all looks a bit pretentious on her. i don’t think she has enough oomph to really carry such a look.

i am obsessed with her eyebrows. i have been having a bold eyebrow moment ever since i overtweezed mine this weekend.  camilla is a stunning girl, no doubt about it. the makeup is great but the hair is kind of iffy…i, again, think a ponytail would work better. the sleekness of a ponytail seems perfect for a tux because it compliments the sleekness of a suit/tux itself.

so who’s look do you prefer? i’m gonna say neither.

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  • Autumn Twig May 24, 2011 at 10:03 PM

    OMG did you see Camilla Belle’s “From Prada to Nada”? She and the other one look so… orange in it :D

    • pink255 May 27, 2011 at 4:54 PM

      lol! i haven’t but i saw the previews, fake tan overboard

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